Exploring the Linkage between workplace Flexibility and Resilience, and Well-Being of Employees: A Conceptual Study

Manisha Kumari and Sona Vikas
The NorthCap University, Gurugram


Few years ago, most of the Indians rarely heard of workplace flexibility and importance
of resilience among employees and overall well-being of employees. But with rise of
technology and speedy internet connection, use of flexibilities in workplace activities
has increased. This paper is conceptual research of relationship between workplace
flexibility and resilience among employees and well-being of employees. This paper
is based on selected articles published in different sources such as EBSCO, Emerald,
Scopus, Google Scholar, and ProQuest. This paper researched the relationship between
flexibility at workplace and resilience among employees through the different variables
such as employee well-being, job satisfaction among employees, employee’s mental
well-being and work life balance through workplace flexibility.All the papers and articles
analysed and studied multiple times to understand the pattern of employee’s work life
balance through the flexible work arrangement and effect of flexible work arrangement
on resilience of employees. The finding of this paper suggest that workplace flexibility
plays an important role in employee’s motivation job satisfaction among employees,
commitments, and loyalty of employees and helps in building the trust between
employees and organisation and enhances production of workers and organisations

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