InSPA Journal of Applied and School Psychology is a peer reviewed bi-annual publication of the Indian School Psychology Association (InSPA).


The issues appear in April and October every year. The IJASP publishes original contribution based on empirical research and theoretical paper on contemporary issues related to applied and school psychology.


Manuscripts should be prepared in IJASP format and in accordance with the general guidelines of APA and send in MS word by e-mail to the Editor


IJASP does not permit an author to submit the same paper simultaneously for consideration to other journal(s). An undertaking to this effect should be submitted along with the manuscript.

About Us

From the EditorĀ“s Desk

As an experienced editor with 18 years of service to the Journal of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology (JIAAP), I have gained valuable insights into the field of editing a professional journal. This experience has allowed me to initiate a new journal on behalf of the Indian School Psychology Association (InSPA), and I have been privileged to see the first issue of the InSPA Journal of Applied and School Psychology (IJASP) published in October 2019 and now UGC CARE listed in 2023.
The IJASP aims to publish original, empirical papers and critical reviews of the literature on research and practices relevant to applied psychological and behavioural processes in school settings. The journal covers a variety of topics, including intervention techniques and approaches, schooling effects on the development of social, cognitive, mental-health, and achievement-related outcomes, assessment, and consultation. Our goal is to provide a platform for scholars and practitioners to share their research findings and best practices that can benefit the field of school psychology. Our team at IJASP is passionate about ensuring that the journal is accessible to a wider audience, and we have taken necessary steps to include it in all databases for indexing. This effort will ensure that our readership can easily access our articles and expand their knowledge in the field of applied and school psychology.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the InSPA Governing Council and the Editorial Board for their unwavering support and timely help in bringing out the issues as scheduled. Their dedication and hard work have been instrumental in making the IJASP a success. The IJASP is a valuable addition to the field of applied and school psychology, and we look forward to receiving more original and impactful contributions. We welcome submissions from scholars and practitioners who are interested in advancing our understanding of the psychological and behavioural processes that influence student outcomes in school settings. Our journal will continue to serve as a platform for cutting-edge research and innovative practices that can benefit the field of school psychology.

Prof. Panch. Ramalingam

Editor, InSPA Journal