Remote Work Dynamics and Work-Life Balance among Professionals: An Empirical Exploration in India

Sonal Gupta Sona Vikas Ashish Mathur
University of Delhi The NorthCap University Jai Narain Vyas University,
Delhi Gurugram Jodhpur


Work life Balance is of utmost important to working professionals. To examine the
experience of working from home (WFH), an online survey was conducted. Using a
structured questionnaire, the present study explored the work-life balance (WLB) of
Indian professionals. The study examined if working from home (WFH) allowed them
to manage work, family, and personal commitments effectively. It also investigated
differences by gender and age. Most professionals reported good WFH experiences
and enjoy work-life balance. Using multiple regression analysis, the study identified
WFH factors impacting WLB. Further, the results of ANOVA revealed no significant age
group differences in WFH perceptions. However, t-test results show home working
experiences differ by gender and male professionals perceive WFH more positively
than female professionals. These findings provide valuable insights for WFH strategies
promoting WLB

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