Examining the Impact of Employee Cynicism on Organizational Performance: A Conceptual Framework

Shikha Yadav, Sona Vikas and Saumya Sharma Geetanjali Batra
The NorthCap University, Gurugram Jawaharlal Nehru University


Cynicism is an emerging issue in the corporate world. Cynicism is defined as distrust,
and frustration with an organization and its members. It has been linked to lower job
satisfaction, fragile organizational commitment, and lower motivation, all of factors result
in decreased employee performance and the overall performance of the organization.
The current research aims at exploring the linkages between cynicism and employee
performance, transformative leadership and employee engagement. Transformative
leadership and employee engagement may alter the association between cynicism
and employee performance. With its emphasis on inspiring and motivating employees,
transformational leadership has the ability to minimize the negative impacts of cynicism.
Transformational leaders may build a positive work atmosphere that combats cynicism
and fosters better levels of performance by providing vision, encouragement, and
support. Employee engagement, referred to as an emotional connection to one’s work
and devotion to one’s employer, can act as a barrier against scepticism. Engaged
employees demonstrate greater levels of dedication, productivity, and contentment
even in the face of distrust. This study’s findings will add to the expanding pool of
knowledge on organizational cynicism and its influence on employee performance,
transformational leadership and employee engagement. It will provide significant insights
for organizational leaders looking to offset the harmful effects of cynicism

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