Emotional Regulation and Mental Well-Being among Performing Artists in the Bani World

Shloka Shailesh Hardikar and Arvind Kakulte
Sir Parashurambhau College , Pune


The BANI world scenario has posed significant challenges to the performing arts sector,
causing disruptions in the lives and careers of artists globally. This employs a quantitative
approach to explore the relation between ER practices and mental well-being among
performing artists in this post-BANI era. It aimed to investigate how stressors such as
prolonged isolation, uncertainty, postponed performances, and disrupted routines have
impacted the emotional well-being of artists. Earlier studies have indicated that artists
often experience heightened stress, anxiety, and emotional fatigue due to the demands
of their profession, and the BANI world scenario has exacerbated these challenges. This
correlational study sought to contribute to existing knowledge by studying the relation
between ER and mental equilibrium. Data was collected through purposive sampling, and
analysis was conducted using JASP software after administering the ER Questionnaire
and the WEMWBS to 101 performing artists aged 18-30 years via online Google Forms.
The mean scores for the study’s two ER components were 30.54 for Cr and 16.950
for ES. Additionally, the mean score for Well-Being was 48.495. The analysis shows a
significant correlation between well-being and CR among performing artists (r = 0.972).
Furthermore, a good negative correlation was seen between well-being and ES among
performing artists (r = -0.222)

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