Effect of Relationship Satisfaction on Personal-Wellbeing among couples

Larisa Irol Dsouza and Anitha Mary Mathew
Kristu Jayanti College , Bengaluru


This research paper aims to understand the effect of relationship satisfaction on personal
well-being among married couples and those in relationships. Relationship satisfaction
is explored as a complex construct encompassing emotions, trust, communication,
and compatibility, while personal well-being is viewed holistically, spanning physical,
emotional, and psychological dimensions. In a sample of 191 participants, descriptive
statistics revealed a moderate level of relationship satisfaction (mean = 36.30) and
relatively higher personal well-being (mean = 56.18). The Pearson correlation analysis
demonstrated a statistically significant, albeit weak, positive relationship between
relationship satisfaction and personal well-being (r = 0.170, p = 0.019). Linear regression
analysis further confirmed that relationship satisfaction has a modest but statistically
significant positive impact on personal well-being (β = 0.170, p = 0.019). These findings
reject the null hypothesis that there is no relationship and no impact between relationship
satisfaction and personal well-being. This research contributes to a deeper understanding
of the multidimensional nature of relationship satisfaction and personal well-being,
providing valuable insights for navigating the complexities of human connections in our
ever-evolving social landscape.

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