LO-FI Music and Recall among Young Adults

Kusum Jain and Shreya Thomas
Kristu Jayanti College , Bengaluru


The objective of the study was to determine the effects of Lo-fi Music on Recall among
young adults. A total sample size of 30 young adults (18 males and 12 females) from
various educational institutions were selected to be a part of this study. The PGI Memory
Scale by Prasad and Wig was used to assess the recall performance of participants.
The 5th and 6th subtests that measure delayed and immediate recall were used to
acquire comprehensive understanding of memory function. Immediate recall assesses
the ability to remember information presented recently, providing insights into short-term
memory. On the other hand, delayed recall evaluates the ability to retrieve information
after a period of time, tapping into long-term memory. The results indicated that there
is a significant difference in the effects of Lo-fi Music on Recall in the pre and post test,
that is the recall performance was better in the experimental condition as compared to
the controlled condition. The results also indicated that there is no significant difference
in the scores on effects of Lo-fi Music on Recall in males and females

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