Social Interaction Anxiety and Perceived Parenting Styles in Adolescents –

Ekta Bhambri Marwaha Sarabjit Kaur Sran
S.P.M College, University of Delhi Mata Sundari College, University of Delhi


The bond between parents and children is reflected in parenting style. The ways parents
use to raise their children, including how they react to and impose demands on them,
are referred to as parenting styles. Parental responsiveness and parental control are
the two key aspects of parenting styles that this present study is focusing on. Social
Interaction Anxiety (SIA) can be defined as the intense and persistent fear of public
speaking or interacting in any form. SIA comes under the umbrella term of social phobia.
The present study aims to assess the gender differences between parenting styles and
SIA. This study also examines the relationship between them; the study used a
descriptive and cross-sectional design. The total number of participants in the study
was 75, with 36 females and 39 males belonging to Delhi-NCR (aged 15-18 years). The
tools used were the Scales of Parenting Style and Social Interaction Anxiety Scale.
The results found significant gender differences in parental control, furthermore, a
significant positive relationship was found between parental control and the SIA. In
contrast, a significant negative relationship was found between parental responsiveness
and SIA. The study advances knowledge of the associations between these variables
and contributes to existing literature.

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