Effect of Resilience on Well-Being among Adolescents

Radhika Rani S,and Manish Kumar Verma
Lovely Professional University, India


Adolescence is the stage which challenges children in different streams of education,
career, life skills, life choices, society, dreams, desires etc. Studies and psychologists
say that this phase is one of the most difficult phases of human life. If child is held with
care, positivity and taken from known to unknown of the life and world by parents,
educationists, psychologists and other professionals, he/she will develop a sense of
belongingness, confidence and responsibility. Otherwise, this delicate phase may turn
children into antisocial, low esteemed, unaware, lost and juvenile. There has always
been a significance of knowing and understanding adolescents’ needs and gaps, to
help and guide them to overcome the shortfalls or short comings. However, there are
very few studies taken up in India in these areas. Thus, emphasizing need to research
and intervention in this particular area to help adolescents make a better India and be
a good global citizen

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