Development of Infidelity Scale and its Relationship with Dating App Motivation Scale and Sensation Seeking Scale-V | P 97-105

Kumar, P., Yadav, V.N., Manshi, Anupam Punyasree, M.P.
Central University of Haryana Indian Institute of Technology, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh


The present study was designed to develop infidelity scale and its association with Dating App Motivation Scale and Sensation Seeking Scale-V. To collect the data, three separate samples were drawn from various colleges and universities of Haryana and Kerala states. First sample consists of 10 participants (07 males & 03 females) who had experience of infidelity in relationship. They shared their experiences in detail through in-depth interview, and experiences were used to formulate the items along with other sources from existing literature. Second sample comprised of 160 participants (80 males & 80 females) who had also experience of infidelity. They completed the Infidelity Scale which contained 24 items, 16 were retained after assessing the appropriate psychometric properties. Item total correlations ranged between .36 and .70. Cronbach’s alpha reliability was found .90. Third sample comprised on 110 participants (55 males & 55 females) and completed the data on Infidelity, Dating App Motivation and Sensation Seeking-V scales. Findings depicted that all three measures shared their variance to each other which also indicates the construct validity of Infidelity Scale. 

Keywords: Infidelity, Dating Motives, Sensation Seeking.

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