Role of Eve Teasing and Depression in the Suicidal Ideation of Girls | P 80-90

Ravi P. Pandey, Mansi Dalal                                             Vidushi Dixit                                                Vibha Yadava, Purnima Awasthi

Central University of Haryana,Mahendergarh     Munshi Singh College,Motihari                 Banaras Hindu University,Varanasi

Ravidra Singh Mamta Sharma

Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Degree College, Gonda 

Pages: 80-90


Eve teasing of women in public spaces has over the years been one of the most
challenging and seemingly indomitable issues which continue to hinder growth of
expanding and advancing societies. The study was conducted in Delhi-NCR based
region, to assess the relationship of depression and eve teasing with the suicide
ideation. Correlational research design was used for the study including appropriate
statistical techniques namely, Correlational analysis and multiple regression analysis.
Questionnaires of Eve teasing, suicide ideation and depression were administered on a
sample of 106 girls, using online Google form technique. The results found were that there
existed a positive correlation (Consciousness=.48 & Conservative mind .39) between
suicide ideation and eve teasing, as well as between suicide ideation and depression
.73. Depression was found as major predictor (R2 .54) for suicidal ideation among girls.
This study presents purposeful implications and limitations. Suggestive measures to
spread awareness among people, police, and local security have also been propounded.
Keywords: suicide ideation, eve teasing, harassment, mental health, and depression

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