Sources of Job-Stress among Aksum Secondary School Teachers| P 117-121

Hagos Atsbeha Gebrekirstos and M.V.R. Raju
Andhra University, Vishakapatinam, India


This study investigated the major sources of job stress among the Aksum town secondary
schools teachers. A descriptive survey with a quantitative design was utilized for the
study and a simple random sampling technique was used to select 119 respondents.
The mean scores and standard deviations were used to analyze the research questions
while independent samples, t-test, and one-way ANOVA were used to test the effect
of demographic variables. Thus, the results showed that student-related stressors and
administrative related stressors respectively were the principal sources of stress for the
participants. However, all the demographic variables of this study have an insignificant
effect. Therefore, this study shows there is an urgent need for school administrators
and the educational personnel to assess and revise the educational system and the
work areas (including school policies) to combat these stressors.
Keywords: Stressors, Job-stress, Secondary school teachers

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