Relationship between Exercise, Spirituality, and Gratitude towards the Job Satisfaction among University Malaysia Sabah Lecturers: A Pilot Study| P 108-116

Sakthivel Batumalai, Balan Rathakrishan, Raymond Augestin,
Sreehari Ravindranath and Indrarao Ramulu
University of Malaysia, Sabah, Malaysia


Several studies have proved that there is a significant relationship between Exercise,
Spirituality, Gratitude, and Job Satisfaction. A number of studies have been conducted
to find the relationship between these aspects. The purpose of this study is to find out
the relationship between these aspects, which is experienced by the University Malaysia
Sabah lecturers. A pilot study was conducted on 30 lecturers chosen randomly from
University Malaysia Sabah. The survey design was adopted using validated instruments
including Baecke Questionnaire for Measurement of a Person’s Habitual Physical Activity,
Spiritual Leadership Theory questions, The Gratitude Questionnaire-Six Item Form
(GQ-6) and Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS). The findings indicated a good reliability and
validity of the questionnaire that is being adapted. The results show there is a significant
correlation between exercise and job satisfaction is (r=.662, p<0.01), spirituality and
job satisfaction is (r=.834, p<0.01) and gratitude and job satisfaction (r=0.581, p<0.01).
The findings are consistent with past studies and literature that support the concepts
presented here.
Keywords: Exercise, Spirituality, Gratitude, Job Satisfaction

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