The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Smartphone Addiction, and Fear of Missing Out among Students

Nidhi, Pavana Sivakumar, Bindu Hegde and Anna Davis
Kristu Jayanti College , Bengaluru


The primary objective of this research endeavor is to explore the intricate interplay
between Emotional Intelligence (EI), smartphone addiction, and the Fear of Missing
Out (FoMO) phenomenon among undergraduate students. Employing a quantitative
approach, this study adopts a correlational research design. Data were gathered from a
sample of 200 college students, both male and female, enrolled in educational institutions
in Bangalore. Ethical considerations were diligently addressed, obtaining informed
consent from all participants prior to their engagement in the study. The research utilized
validated measures, including the Emotional Intelligence Inventory (2009), Smartphone
Addiction Scale (2013), and Fear of Missing Out Scale (2013. The results revealed
that all domains of emotional intelligence and the total EI is negatively correlated to
smartphone addiction and fear of missing out, also Smartphone addiction is positively
correlated to fear of missing out. In conclusion our findings underscore the importance
of EI as a protective factor against excessive smartphone use and Fear of Missing Out.
The results indicated that higher levels of emotional intelligence may have an association
with lower levels of these maladaptive behaviors. And individuals who are more addicted
to their smartphones tend to experience higher levels of Fear of Missing Out..

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