The Influence of Childhood Trauma on Attachment Styles, and
Emotion Regulation among Young Adults

Ridhi Patodia and Lekha Ramyaa
Kristu Jayanti College , Bengaluru


This study dives into the subtle interplay between childhood trauma, attachment styles,
and emotion regulation in the lives of 206 young adults (18-30 years) from diverse
places in India. The findings exhibit an evident connection between childhood trauma
and distinct attachment styles in adulthood, shedding light on the enduring effects of
childhood trauma on emotional regulation. Notably, individuals who have undergone
higher levels of childhood trauma exhibit discernible challenges in navigating their
attachment patterns and emotions during adulthood. This study has implications for
community awareness initiatives, deeming for focused interventions that address the
substantial effect of childhood trauma on adult relationships and emotional wellness.
The call for psychoeducational initiatives aimed at parents emphasizes the importance
of recognizing and addressing early signs of childhood suffering. While acknowledging
limitations such as sample size and demographic distribution, the study lays the
groundwork for future research, encouraging larger-scale investigations to unravel the
nuanced dynamics of childhood trauma’s effects on attachment styles and emotion
regulation among young adults in the Indian notion.

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