Academic Stress, Suicidal Ideation and Mental Help Seeking Attitude

Rejo Reji Daniel, Sruthi Sivaraman and Noor Fathima
Kristu Jayanti College , Bengaluru


This quantitative study involving 429 participants examines the relationships among
academic stress, suicidal ideation, and mental help-seeking attitudes in young adults.
Utilizing the Academic Stress Scale, Suicidal Ideation Attributes Scale, and Mental Help
Seeking Attitudes Scale, the research reveals no significant link between academic
stress and mental help-seeking attitudes. However, it identifies a significant association
between self-harm ideation and mental help-seeking attitudes, as well as between
academic stress and self-harm ideation. Further analysis demonstrates that both mental
help-seeking attitudes and academic stress independently predict self-harm ideation.
Additionally, the study observes a significant difference in mean scores of mental helpseeking attitudes between males and females. These findings contribute insights for
tailoring mental health interventions and support systems for young adults16 Rejo Reji Danie

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