Impact of Technostress on Cyberaggression and Social Isolation among Indian Young Adults

Ritika Verma and Vishwanand Yadav

Central University of Haryana


The purpose of this research is to explore the levels of affluenza and examine its
relationship with the values of female university students. In order to assess affluenza,
the affluenza Scale by Tyagi and Shyam was used, which has five subcomponents
(Gasconading, Distress, Materialism, Shopaholism, Fiscal Exigency) The PVQ-RR
by Schwartz et al. was used to study 19 values. A self-administered questionnaire
was used. The data was collected from Delhi. Findings indicated that 48% of females
reported low affluenza and 52% of females reported high affluenza. The subcomponents
of affluenza showed positive and negative correlations with the values, which indicates
further research and result-based intervention among adolescents.
Keywords: affluenza, values, youth, consumption

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