Celebrity Worship and Parasocial Interaction among Young Adults – Copy

Soumya. P, Deepitha. M, Jeevitha Jyothi Biju, Nandana. K.K,
Ceanna. P.U. and Lijiya Manju. K.C.
Providence Women’s College, Calicut, Kerala.


The case of interacting with idols all the time allows fans to develop idol-worshiping
behavior. When fans have developed idol worship behavior, they tend to develop a
parasocial interaction with their idols. This study aimed to determine the relationship
between celebrity worship and parasocial interaction in young adults. This study
employed the quantitative method with random sampling technique. A total of 212
young adults aged 18-25 years from different parts of Kerala who were selected based
on random sampling were the sample of the study.The Celebrity Attitude Scale and the
Celebrity-Persona Parasocial Interaction Scale were used as data collection tools.
Karl Pearson’s Correlation and t-Test were used for data analysis.The results of this
study indicate that there was a positive relationship between celebrity worship and
parasocial interaction in young adults (r= 0.659) with a level of significance of 0.01,
meaning that higher the level of celebrity worship developed by individuals, higher the
possibility of the individual to develop parasocial interaction with his favorite celebrity

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