Self-Compassion as a Support: Personality Traits and Emotion Regulation in College Going Females – Copy

Swati Rana and Sankul Sethia
IIS (Deemed to be) University, Jaipur, Rajasthan


This research examined the relationships among pathological personality traits, emotion
regulation, and self-compassion, and investigated the predictive nature of selfcompassion on pathological personality traits and emotion regulation in the college
going females. The sample consisted of 178 female participants studying in college.
Participants completed self-report measures assessing pathological personality traits
(PPT), emotion regulation (ER) difficulties, and self-compassion (SC). Statistical
analyses, including regression and correlation analyses, were conducted to examine
the data. The results revealed a significant positive relationship between emotion
regulation and self-compassion (adjusted R2 =0.055, p<0.01), indicating that higher
levels of self-compassion were associated with better emotion regulation skills among
the participants. Conversely, a negative relationship was found between pathological
personality traits and self-compassion (adjusted R2
=0.038, p<0.01), indicating that
higher levels of pathological personality traits were associated with lower levels of selfcompassion

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