Effect of Mental Health Intervention on Orphans

Harpreet Kaur Randhawa and Dyaneshwar P Pawar
Central University of Haryana


The present study has been designed to experiment an intervention among orphans
for the positive mental health of the girls from Rachna Trust orphanage. The sample
consists of 46 children. They are divided as 23 in experimental and 23 in controlled
group. The study includes only girl child of age group 10 years to 15 years and are from
grade 5 to 9. The mental health Inventory is used in this study. The data was statistical
analyzed and results were obtained. The result showed that there is positive effect of an
intervention on the 3 dimensions i.e. positive self evaluation, perception of reality and
group oriented attitudes of mental health among orphans. The document also contains
limitations of this study and suggestions for the further studies.

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