Entrepreneurship among Tribal Communities in Kerala: Opportunities and Challenges

Sannet Thomas and Manoj Kumar Pandey
Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur


Entrepreneurship is the enormous strength and human spirit that enabled the world’s
biggest geographical discoveries. Entrepreneurship is a crucial activity for bringing
about changes in the economics and society of a country, as well as other countries
around the world. Since time immemorial, Indian tribes, often known as aboriginal
communities or ‘Adivasi’, have lived in forests. Tribes are often the last to benefit from
development because they are one of society’s most marginalised groups. They are
constantly on the search for a better work in order to maintain a steady income and
make ends meet. (Sivakumar R., 2021). There are many tribal entrepreneurs who are
constantly changing the profile of tribal areas through development. They are now
establishing self-sustaining businesses. Many tribal entrepreneurs are transforming
the landscape of tribal communities (Meena P., Gupta S. & Chaturvedi A., 2021). The
purpose of this article is to examine the state of entrepreneurial development among
Kerala’s tribals using primary and secondary sources. The information was gathered
through the use of newspapers, Semi-structured interviews (N=40) and interactions with
native communities. Entrepreneurial education and a focused area approach, together
with effective government policy, are shown to be essential for the tribal population in
Kerala to create more local job

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