Social Media use and Fear of Missing out in Relation to Academic Performance: A Study from Kashmir

Aaliya Akhtar
Government Degree College for Women, Sopore, Jammu & Kashmir


The Fear of Missing Out is a new entrant topic in psychology to investigate. The
present study was primarily aimed at investigating the impact of social media use on
the fear of missing out (FOMO) and the impact of later on the academic performance
of college going youth. Additionally, the current piece of work focussed on the gender
differences in FOMO and academic performance. 200 college students (100 boys and
100 girls) selected for the study were administered a self report questionnaire having
four sections. Section-1 Demographic Information, Section-2 Social Media Engagement
Questionnaire (by Przybylski et al, 2013), Section-3 FOMO Scale and Section-4
Academic Performance in terms SGPA. The data was collected via Google form which
was analyzed by computing mean, SD, T-test and correlation using SPSS. The results
of the study reveal that a good percentage (86.5%) of students are using social media
which significantly impacts the FOMO experiences among college students. Very
insignificant correlation (r = -0.01) between FOMO and academic performance was
observed. No gender difference in FOMO experience was found. Also, an insignificant
gender difference (t = 1.81) in relation to academic performance was noted. The rural
urban divide did not influence the FOMO experience of the college students

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