Internet Usage And Psychological Well-Being of Adolescents | Pages: 68-72

S. Arul Prabakaran and J. Venkatachalam

Periyar University, Salem

Pages: 68-72

The usage of the internet gives a huge benefit to students in educational settings. The
internet provides a lot of information, helps in online classes, searches materials, and
communicates with people using social network sites. We are human beings we know
that overuse of the internet may affect the day-to-day life of individuals in terms of
psychological well-being. Usage of the Internet is much related to an individual’s mental
health. Most teenagers are more prone to the use of the internet than other groups. The
overuse of the internet also leads to psychological and social issues among adolescents
in and around Salem, Tamil Nādu. The study’s goal is to look into the relationship
between adolescent internet use and their psychological health. This study adopted a
survey method, and 2993 samples were gathered with the help of an internet usage
scale and psychological well-being scales.

Keywords: Adolescents, internet Usage, Psychological wellbeing

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