An Analytical Study on “Perception of Senior Secondary School Students towards the Use of Social Networking Sites” | P 58-67

Varun Kumar Ashima Dhiman

Mangalmay Institute of Management and Technology, Shimla Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla

Pages : 58-67

In the Senior Secondary years, the respective fields of study get divided into various
streams like Science, Commerce and Humanities. Students can choose any stream
that they are interested in and would like to make a career out of it by studying further.
Senior Secondary years of education are the two last years of secondary education.
After this student can take up the college for specific degrees according to their interest
like- engineering, doctor, CA, teaching, accountancy, medical etc. Social networking
as a communication medium is rising day by day, mainly in the prosperous increase
of applications for mobile devices. Especially young teenagers are becoming familiar
with sharing their everyday life and experiences in various social networking sites
like – WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc. As well as keeping in touch with teachers,
friends, and family online and talking about their interests. This research paper focus
on Perception level of Senior Secondary School Students towards the use of social
networking sites. For the same, besides secondary data, an electronic questionnaire
was prepared and Students from Senior Secondary School were required to respond
to close ended and open ended questions through Google form. Questionnaire was
used as a research instrument to collect data from 174 respondents which had been
selected randomly. The present study revealed that students not only engage with
social networking sites for entertainment but a substantial amount of time is spent on
academic-related activities too.
Keywords: Perception, Senior Secondary School Students, Social networking sites

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