Relationships between Vocational Interest-s, Values and Personality traits of Graduate Defence Aspirants| P 92-102

M. Thandapani Ramesh and Elumalai Prabakaran P. Prapakaran
University of Madras, Chennai DRDO, Bangalore


Background: The number of Graduate Defence Aspirants (GDAs) getting inducted into
the Indian Armed Forces (IAF) has reduced, marking the need to understand reasons for
the same. The present study aimed to understand the vocational choices, personality fit
and value preferences of GDAs appearing at the Service Selection Board (SSB) of the
IAF. Method:Across-sectional questionnaire-based survey method was employed using
a convenient sampling method. The Vocational Preferences Inventory, NEO-Five-Factor
Inventory-3, and the Study of Values Test were used to collect data. Descriptive and
inferential statistics were computed using SPSS Version 20. Results: The present study
included 341 male GDAs of mean age 23.11 ± 1.48 years. Students from metropolitan
and city residencies scored higher than others in extraversion. Those from towns scored
higher than those from metros in agreeableness. A positive relationship existed between
the aesthetic dimension of vocational choices and the openness dimension of personality
traits, as well as the enterprising and extraversion dimensions. Conclusion: Findings
showed personality traits to vary based on place of residence and birth order among
GDAs. In order to cultivate the desired and optimal traits among GDAs, students should
be encouraged to undergo NCC/Scout training in schools and colleges.
Keywords: Graduate Defence Aspirants, personality traits, vocational choices, values.

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