Influence of Personality traits on Quality of Life among Adolescents| P 103-110

Pallavi Anand, Mridula Bali and Arti Bakhshi
University of Jammu, Jammu Kashmir,


Personality traits are among the essential factors that affect the overall development,
mental health, and well-being of an individual. This study intends to determine the
relationship between big five personality traits and all dimensions of quality of life
among a sample of 527 adolescents. The data were collected from higher secondary
school students studying in class 11th and 12th using multistage sampling technique.
Big five inventory and WHOQOL-BREF (adapted version) was used to measure the
relationship of above stated variables. For the purpose of this study, data were analyzed
using Pearson product moment correlation and linear regression. The results reported
significant relationship between Big Five personality traits and all dimensions of quality
of life except for the relationship between openness and social relationships dimension
of quality of life that was reported to be insignificant. Furthermore, the results of linear
regression reported personality traits to be significant predictor of all dimensions of QOL.
The implications based on the results are also discussed in the study.
Keywords: personality traits, quality of life, adolescents

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