Relationship Between Job Satisfaction with Happiness & Hardiness Among School Teachers of India | P 44-48

Payal Banerjee and Dr. Jhilli Das (Tewary) Adamas School, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Job Satisfaction is a factor which can affect the overall performance of an individual.
And it is also expected that a person who is satisfied with his/her job, will experience
happiness in his/her professional life, which will automatically enhance the self-esteem
of an individual. The present study was done to analyse the relationship between job
satisfaction with happiness and hardiness. The study aims to fill the literature gap
as there are many studies which focus on the relationship between job satisfaction
and happiness, but there are few studies which are focussing on the importance of
hardiness, with respect to job satisfaction. Although, there are many studies on schools
situated outside India, but few studies have been done on schools situated inside India.
Correlation Research design was carried out on primary school teachers. Purposive
sampling method was used. Data were collected between March to May 2021, from
300 school teachers with the help of google form. Data collection instruments included
Job Satisfaction Scale (Munir and Khatoon 2015), Oxford Happiness Questionnaire
(Argyle and Hills,1989), and Personality Hardiness Scale (Bartone,1995). In order to
analyse the collected data and testing of hypotheses, Pearson’s Correlation Method and
Multiple Regression Method were used. Results indicated positive correlation between
Job Satisfaction with Happiness and Hardiness and high regression coefficients. The
results focus on the factors which can be implemented in future for better job satisfaction,
which will promote positive mental health among teachers.
Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Hardiness, Teachers, School, Happiness

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