Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Memory and Well-being of Adolescents | P 49-53

Sakshi Yadav and Bhupinder Singh, Barkatullah University, Bhopal


The present study investigated the effect of sleep deprivation on memory processes
and well-being of the adolescents. The sample consisted of 40 adolescents out of which
20 adolescents had normal sleep pattern and 20 were sleep deprived. The measures
employed were PGI Memory scale and PGI Well-being Scale. The results revealed that
the two groups differed significantly on the five dimensions of memory scale and also on
the well-being measure but there was no significant difference seen in the overall result
of memory. The overall findings of the study suggest that the well-being of adolescents
who have normal sleep pattern are better than those with sleep deprivation.Thus, sleep
deprivation in adolescents affects psychological well-being of an individual but memory
is seen to be affected on five dimensions particularly on Mental balance, Immediate
recall, Verbal retention for dissimilar pairs, Visual retention and Recognition. Further
studies are warranted to generalize the findings.
Keywords: sleep, memory, general well-being, adolescents. 

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