Psychosocial Effects on COVID-19 Positive Patients and Communities | P 59-64

Smita Kumari DDRC under SJDW Dept. Vidisha, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh


COVID-19 is a type of virus that is found in mammals. Its first case was found in Wuhan
city of China, while the first case came to India on 30 January 2020, in Kerala. This
infection is spreading very fast and at the same time, the situation of sudden lockdown
is also being faced globally. A case study of the 100 COVID-19 infected patients in the
Vidisha district so far has been carried out to find out the psychosocial effects on the
infected patients and their surroundings. They were also analyzed based on information
on their behaviour. The results found that 76 of the COVID-19 infected patients had
A-Symptomatic symptoms, which led to their suspicion that they had been forcibly treated
in hospital, as well as the behaviour of their community and people in the COVID-19
infected patients. They have to face many kinds of torture. Work will have to be done
at every level of the community to prevent these effects of COVID-19.
Keywords: COVID-19, Psychosocial effects, Coronavirus, Pandemic, Positive Patients. 

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