Gender differences in Spirituality and Subjective Well-being Among Working Couples in Indian Society | P 54-58

Raksha Singh and Anshubhi Bahadur BBD University, Lucknow


The present study aimed to examine the gender differences in spirituality and subjective
well-being among working couples between 25 to 45 years of age range (working men =
50 and working women = 50 ). The total sample consisted of 100 working couples. The
Subjective Well-being Scale developed by Ed. Diener and Spirituality scale developed
by S.S Haidari was used for data collection. Exploratory analysis and t –test of variables
across gender and variables was carried out. Correlation analyses were implemented to
have a better understanding about the relationship between variables. Results indicate
that there is no significant difference in subjective well-being among working males and
working females and working females are comparatively more spiritual and satisfied
with life than their working male spouse. It also reveals that there is positive relationship
between spirituality and subjective well-being among working couples.
Keywords: Gender differences, Subjective well-being, Spirituality, Working Couples.

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