The Influence of Academic Procrastination and Social Support on Psychological Well-Being among College Students P 72-77

Chandni A. Chandran, Saliha C., and Athira Aneesh E. K.
Little Flower Institute of Social Sciences and Health, Calicut.


Procrastination is defined as “Postponement of task completion, usually resulting in a
state of unhappiness” or “subjective discomfort”. According to Harris and Sutton Academic
Procrastination is considered to be a form of situational procrastination, which has been
described as a behaviour that is linked to a specific task. This study aims to understand
the relationship between Academic Procrastination, Social Support, and Psychological
Wellbeing among college students. Karl Pearson’s correlation was used to find the
relationship between these variables and an independent sample t-test were used to
find the gender differences. The results revealed that Academic Procrastination and
Social Support have a weak and negative correlation. As the Academic Procrastination
increases Social Support decreases. Also, different dimensions of Psychological
Wellbeing show a correlation with Academic Procrastination as well as Social Support.
The t-test result indicated that males have higher Academic Procrastination than females.
However, males and females experience equal Social Support.
Keywords: Academic Procrastination, Social Support, Psychological Well-Being,
College Students.

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