Social Support and Hardiness among Public Service Aspirants

Sanju Arya and Vishva Chaudhary
University of Rajasthan


The pursuit of a career in public service is often associated with a plethora of challenges
and stressors that can affect the overall well-being of individuals. Social support
has been identified as a crucial factor in buffering the negative effects of stress and
enhancing hardiness. This study aims to explore the relationship between social support
and hardiness among public service aspirants. Data was collected from a diverse
group of public aspirants by using self-report questionnaires related to social support
and hardiness. 80 individuals aged between 22 to 32 years, both male and female,
participated in the study. The findings of numerous researches done in this domain
indicate a positive correlation between social support and hardiness. Participants
with higher perceived social support will be high on hardiness, positive emotions, and
happiness. The study highlights the importance of social support networks to build and
enhance hardiness among public service aspirants. Further research is recommended
to explore additional factors influencing hardiness in this context

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