Relationship between Academic Locus of Control and Tolerance for Ambiguity among College Students

Ansella Anna Thomas and Devikrishna Sabu
Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru


The research aimed to examine how academic stress experienced by university students
is linked to their levels of tolerance and ambiguity. 215 undergraduate and graduate
students make up the research’s basic sample. The instruments utilized were the sociodemographic data sheet, Budner’s Tolerance for Ambiguity Scale, and Trice’s Academic
Locus of Control Scale. The statistical analysis was carried out using SPSS and the
independent sample t-test, linear regression analysis, and Pearson correlation test were
employed. The results showed that there is no discernible relationship among college
students between academic locus of control and ambiguity tolerance. The independent
sample t-test findings indicated no significant gender difference in terms of academic
locus of control and tolerance for ambiguity. The result of linear regression analysis
revealed no significant impact of academic locus of control on tolerance for ambiguity

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