Mending the wears and tears in remote teachingthe strive for work-life balance | P 38-46 

Nihidha Srinivassin, S. Sasikala,

Asha Latha Mathew, S Karunanidhi G Lavanya
University of Madras, Chennai Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai

Pages 38-46 

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned life topsy-turvy with its impact greatly being felt in the academic domain wherein a drastic shift in the work environment has left academicians
and students finding their way in the dark. Teachers have had to employ online means to
reconnect with their students which does not guarantee a deeper emotional connection
that was evident in offline teaching. Owing to the current contingency, qualitative
research was undertaken among 57 teachers who elaborated on the intricacies of how
online teaching-learning had impacted their work-life balance. The data obtained were
further coded and categorized into themes. The results and implications of the study are
presented in lieu of dealing with the pandemic. The implications of the study would best
suit teachers, administrative personnel, and relevant policymakers to take measures to
enhance and ensure the well-being of the concerned sample.
Keywords: work-life balance, teachers, online teaching, COVID-19 pandemic, online

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