The Relationship between Parenting Styles and Resilience amongst Mizo Adults in Rural and Urban Areas| P 39-43

Nuhliri Chhangte and Lalfakzuali
Mizoram University, Mizoram


The resilience of an individual is often found to be influenced by parenting styles. The
environment of an individual also plays an important role on the character of a person.
The present study therefore investigated the relationship between parenting styles and
resilience among Mizos’ living in rural and urban areas in Mizoram. It also aimed to find if
there are any group (rural & urban) differences on these variables. The sample consisted
of 150 urban and 150 rural (N=300) participants between 16-40 years selected through
multistage random sampling procedure from different districts of Mizoram. Measures on
Parental Style (Parker et al., 1997) and Resilience Scale (Wagnild and Young, 1993) were
used for the present study. Psychometric adequacy and parametric statistic assumptions
were checked via Pearson correlation, One-Way ANOVA and Simple Regression
analysis. Results reveal a significant relationship between the psychological variables
and significant differences between the groups (urban and rural) on the psychological
variables. Parenting styles also significantly predicts the resiliency of the participants.
Keywords: Parenting, Resilience,Abuse, Indifference, Over control, Rural, Urban, Mizo

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