Role of Tele-Counselling in Enhancing Mental Health During COVID- 19 | P 56-59

Seema Vijayvargiya and Bhupinder Singh
Barkatullah University, Bhopal (MP)


“Mental Health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where
you are going.” Mental health refers to our psychological, emotional and social wellbeing. Therefore, it affects our way of thinking, feeling and acting toward a particular
situation. It helps to realize our ability to overcome with the normal stresses of daily life
so that one can work effectively. To enhance Mental health of an individual counselling
plays an important role as it is one of the best tool against psychological issues like
depression, grief and anxiety. Individual might lead a good model life, exercising daily,
having proper nutrient food but nothing can supplant the profits which we get through
real human interaction. During this period of crisis everyone is going through different
types of stress, anxiety, depression due to financial loss or due to loss of near or dear
one…. In this situation interaction with a counsellor helps an individual to overcome with
the situation as he/she listens patiently about his feeling without judgement and helps
in seeing thoughts from different perspective by noticing positive things in life. Thus,
Counselling helps in improving the physical well-being and building self -awareness as
it enriches our mental health to be healthy. Tele-Counselling also plays a very vital role
by helping individual to feel less alone with their problems by developing social skills,
to cope in daily hassles by sharing and venting out the burden of emotions. It helps in
making healthy choices which are not only healthy for our body but healthy for our mind
also, ultimately improving the quality of life of an individual. So positive mental health
will help the individual to set and achieve goals and take appropriate actions.
Keywords: Mental health, tele-counselling, well-being, self- awareness, quality of life

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