Academic Stress and Home Environment among School Adolescents

Santhakumar, K. and Mani Abdul Karim Venkatachalam, J
XIM University, Harirajpur, Bhubaneswar Periyar University, Salem


Academic performance is negatively impacted by an unfriendly home environment and
increases academic stress among school students. This study examined the association
between academic stress and home environment as well as explored the influence of
the home environment in causing academic stress among adolescent school students.
One hundred and twenty (120) school students were randomly selected from a
government school and three private schools in Tiruvannamalai district, Tamil Nadu,
India, and completed the measures of academic stress and home environment by
using the Educational Stress Scale for Adolescent (ESSA; Sun et al., 2011) and Home
Environment Inventory (HEI; Mishra, 1983). The findings revealed that academic stress
did not differ significantly among school students, regardless of gender or type of
school (government vs. private). In the home environment, however, there was a
significant gender difference in the control sub-dimension and social isolation. Also,
there was an association between academic stress and home environment dimensions
such as control, punishment, and deprivation of privileges. Punishment was positively
influenced by academic stress, whereas nurturance was negatively influenced by
academic stress. These findings were discussed about the reduction of negative home
environment outcomes in individuals experiencing academic stress.

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