Papa se Pucho”: Exploring Themes Relevant to Sex Education in the Web Series “Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa

Diksha Deb
University of Delhi, South Campus, Delhi


Sex Education is considered a highly challenging topic for school education systems
in the Indian context. Given the widely prevalent misconceptions, taboos, and lack of
awareness around the subject, it becomes important to raise awareness and dispel
myths that may harm the child’s psychological and sexual development. The web
series titled “Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa” is a five-part series produced by Y-Films
and delves into several topics around the subject- including masturbation, pregnancy,
condom use, periods, and homosexuality- aiming to inform people about the importance
of sex education and how to discuss such topics with children in an effective and
appropriate manner. The present work seeks to apply the method of thematic analysis
to explore the various themes that arise from the series. Three major themes were
found overall: “Well-Grounded Explanations,” “Desire for Knowledge,” and “Attaching
Stigma.” These obtained themes help uncover the ways in which effective sex education
can be provided to children in an age-appropriate and easily understandable manner
and provide a contrast with the prevalent forms of stigmatization that surround this
topic. The present work underscores the importance of technology and mass media in
improving sex education and reducing the stigma and taboo around the subject to pave
the way for sensible and mature discourse around the topic.

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