Effect of Psychological Counseling on School Students

Suresh M.Makvana
Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar


The present research aims and objectives was to measure the psychological counseling
needs of school students in different variables. There were the variables like type of
school, city area, gender, and medium of education called four groups. In the study, a
2x2x2x2 factorial research design was used and collected the data was 480 respondents
from Surat and Baroda districts. In the research, the standardized tool like psychological
counseling needs scale developed by Vijya Laxmi Chauhan and Gunjan Ganotra Arora
for the age group of 13-18 years with 25 items was used. In terms of psychological
counseling needs among school students, the findings of the study indicated no
significant differences in outcomes between the school and the city. Students who
needed psychological counseling in school were significantly affected by their gender
and medium of education. Interaction effects between type of school and city, school
and gender, school and medium, and city and gender were not significant. In an effort to
make psychological counseling more accessible to school students, the study’s findings
were fruitful and significant to the school students. These findings enabled them to
receive psychological counseling in a time-saving and easy manner through the school
board. Studies on psychological counseling needs are crucial for filling the gap between
research and the generalization of findings.

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