A Review on Personality Factors and Its Relationship with Birth Order, Sibling Rivalry and Mental Health

Sandeep and Tajbina Yasin
Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh,


The current article expressed the idea behind the personality traits, birth order, sibling
rivalry and mental health to know how it connected with the human behavior. In reality,
there are a number of mental health difficulties that parents and teachers have noticed
in children’s behaviour that may be strongly related to the birth order or the rearing
methods used by the parents when they were raising the child. The review of prior
works in this area will be highlighted in this article. Some studies have found a strong
correlation between birth order and personality factors whereas other studies have
stated a debating viewpoint on its relationship. On the other hand, various researches
have managed to find an association between birth order, sibling rivalry and personality.
As a result, the article will alert the researcher to carry out some empirical or
experimental investigations in order to clarify the causal link between the abovementioned variables

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