Life Satisfaction among Primary School Teachers – Copy

Ngunlin Wangsu and Jerina Begum,
University of Science and Technology Meghalaya


Satisfaction of life is a bit more complex subjective emotional process. Life satisfaction
(LS) is similar to happiness but indisputably each term has different meanings. LS is
the evaluation of an individual’s life as a whole, not essentially one’s present level of
cheerfulness. Our life satisfaction is satisfaction in all aspects such as financial,
health, job, personal, mental and social aspects. Studies suggest that a person who
is gratified with their life is less likely to face several problems like anxiety, physical
illness and any other difficulties in their life. In education, teachers are the hub of the
student’s success, and their life satisfaction is an outlet to make fruitful outcomes.
The more the core source is strong, the better will be the result and its impact on
fruitful teaching. In the present study, an attempt has been made to find out the
satisfaction level in their life among primary school teachers in relation to gender of
Arunachal Pradesh. A total 60 numbers of (30 male and 30 female) teachers were
randomly selected as a sample from 6 Government Primary Schools in Tirap District,
Arunachal Pradesh. Life Satisfaction Scale, 2015 developed by Dr. (Mrs.) Promila
Singh & George Joseph were administered to calculate the level of satisfaction level in
the life of teachers from primary school. The collected data for this study is analyzed
by a simple % age, rate of recurrence, mean, standard deviation and t-test to determine
the results followed by graphic representation. From the study, the researcher found
that the satisfaction level of life of male teachers is higher than female teachers.
Results revealed that there existed no significant difference in level of life satisfaction
between gender-wise primary school teachers.

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