Influence of Growing Internet addiction on Mental Health Status of High School Students – Copy

Tuyir Riba and Kakali Goswami
Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh


Internet is one of the most useful tools in recent time which has positive and negative
aspects. The present study investigated the relationship between internet addiction
and mental health status among school students. Recent studies of internet addiction
and mental health provide substantial evidence of high internet usages among high
school students specially after COVID-19 lockdown period which rapidly increased
mental health problems like anxiety and stress level. The present study has selected
a sample of 108 high school students ranging between age 12-16 from a secondary
school in Arunachal Pradesh. The data were collected by administering the Internet
Addiction Test, perceived stress scale and adolescents’ well-being scale. The study
findings revealed that internet addiction has significant positive relation with perceived
stress among high school students. Further regression analysis showed internet
addiction to be a significant predictor of perceived stress among the school students.
The study findings indicates that high level of internet addiction can lead to more
stress and low level of well-being among the adolescents.

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