Eight Emotional States of First Year and Final Year BAMS Students – Copy

Jyoti Rawat Prince Kumar
Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya DRDO, Vishakhapatnam


Emotions play a significant role in professional life since emotional issues become
increasingly prevalent during medical school undergraduate programmes, which can
worsen students’ mental health issues and have a detrimental impact on their
personalities as whole. Due to the extremely difficult procedure of obtaining into medical
field in India, who admitted to Bachelors of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (BAMS)
experienced numerous issues, these students were not accepted into better ranking
medical courses experienced emotional disturbance as a result. At this point, they
mostly surely lack the human values that are necessary for a healthy profession, such
as emotional stability, patience and knee observation, and decision making. This study
intends to investigate the eight emotional states that first year and final year students
experience. This is a comparative cross-sectional study. 100 BAMS students in all are
chosen for this study 50 first and 50 final year students were chosen from among the
several Uttarakhand Ayush colleges. The eight-state Questionnaire by Malay Kapoor
and Mahesh Bhargava was administrated. The mean score on anxiety, depression,
regression, fatigue, and arousal is high in first year BAMS students which shows that
first year students experience more anxiety depression, regression, fatigue and arousal
than final year BAMS students. However, Mean score on stress and Extroversion are
high in final year which shows stress and extroversion is high in final year BAMS
students due to academic stress and worries about their future career. Students in the
first year of BAMS scored higher on the anxiety, depression, regression fatigue and
arousal scale while students in the final year scored higher on the stress scale. To help
medical students to perform more effectively without endangering their mental,
emotional, and physical health strategic assistance should be provided.

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