The Influence of Social Media Addiction on Adolescent Self-Esteem and Life- Satisfaction

Avi Nuh, and Jwmwishree Boro
Royal Global University, Guwahati


The number of social media users is increasing globally. Excessive use of social
media does cause behavioural problems, so we could see that the perspective of
social media use will greatly impact the future. The study aims to measure the prevalence
of Social Media Addiction and its impact on self-esteem and life satisfaction among
college-going students. The study comprises 154 participants, 79 (51%) were males
and 75 (48%) were females. Social media addiction scale-student form by Cengiz
Sahin, and Life Satisfaction Scale by Diener Emmons, Larsen, and Griffin. Rosenberg
Self Esteem Scale was used in the data collection process. The result indicates a
negative relationship between life satisfaction and self-esteem.

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