Academic Competence and Cancellation of Exit Examination – Copy

R. Vatsala Mirnaaliniand Ghayathri Swetha Kumari R A
M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai


A study was conducted to find the acceptance of cancellation of exit exam by the
public and the impact of exit exam cancellation on the academic competence of the
students. The study included teachers and parents (49 samples) of students studying
in class X and XII. A self-prepared survey was used with 20 questions pertaining to
academic competence. Chi-square test was used to compute the scores. The result
of the study showed that the public complied with the government decision of canceling
the exit exam but they were not satisfied in considering internal assessment marks.
The chi-square analysis proved that there is an impact on academic competence due
to exit exam cancellation. As the public also complies with exit exam cancellation but
does not prefer internal assessments, an alternative assessment is suggested in the
study to compensate for cancellation of exit exam and find another strategy for evaluating
the student’s academic competencies

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