Scrutinizing the level of Awareness among school Teachers about the special needs of Children

Songjukta Bagchi and Savita Sharma Sneh Bansal
Manav Rachna University Chandigarh College of Education, Mohali


Education as a process, is of gaining and giving knowledge. This ideally should be equal and accessible to all. However, in a country as vast as India, several factors often lead to
many children dropping out of school each year. Among all other causes the challenges
faced by individuals having special needs is one of the most common factors of staying
away from school. Thus, this paper aims to thoroughly investigate and see what is the
current status of the level of education and awareness of teachers and educators involved
with these children on an everyday basis. After filtering and eliminating the unimportant
research, the final studies were thoroughly summed. Five major themes emerged from
this study, namely Parental Impact, Level of teacher’s knowledge, Social stigma and
attitude, Lack of support systems, and the Need for proper training and knowledge of
teachers. The study concludes that all of these five themes can be very easily catered
to by the National Education Policy 2020 as it has all these provisions to cultivate an
equitable and inclusive education system

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