Remedial Teaching in Science for Visually Impaired students | P 142-155

Jyoti Singh, Poonam Punia, Shafali Nagpal
BPSMV, Khanpur Kalan|
Joyti Sherawat
Rao Lal Singh College of Education, Gurugram


This study examined the effect of remedial instruction programme on the academic
achievement of visually impaired children in science. Thirty children with moderate and
severe visual impairment participated in four weeks duration experiment. The experiment
was performed on two groups, viz. control and experiment. The results showed that the
visually impaired children who were given the remedial instruction program in science
displayed better performance in academic achievement in science compared to those
who were taught using conventional teaching methods. The results show that the
main effect of the type of disability was insignificant. The study suggested that using a
remedial education program could prove beneficial to teach science concepts to visually
impaired children.
Keywords: Remedial Instruction, Science, Children with Visual Impairment, Academic

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