Promoting Positive Psychological Capital among Adolescents: A Review | P 61-70

S. Pon Shylaja, Neharshi Srivastava                                                                                    M. Ramya Maheswari
Amity University, Rajasthan                                                                                                  Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai

Pages:61 – 70

When we consider that interactions between any two family members are influenced by other people in the environment, the effect of family ties on child development becomes much more complex. The earlier researchers looked at how different relationships affect an adolescent’s interpersonal experiences in the family. Finding strategies to support teenagers in handling adversity in healthy ways is crucial when talking about the issues they face in their families, communities, and as individuals. In order to enhance good family functioning and teenage wellbeing, this paper reviews the adolescent’s experience in their family and offers an effective, empirically supported framework that facilitates the teaching of techniques for promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. The report also emphasizes the significance of encouraging adolescence positive development through interventions and approaches that increase young resilience, hope, optimism, and self-efficacy. 

Keywords: Adolescent, Family Functioning, Positive Psychological Capital

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