Parental involvement among Secondary School Tribal Students during Covid-19 Pandemic | P 91-95

Sibi K.B and Meera K.P
University of Calicut, Calicut

Pages: 91 – 95

The global spread of COVID-19 has caused disruptions in many aspects of our lives. Most of the countries introduced restrictions on the functioning of schools and moved the educational process to virtual networks and family homes. A child’s learning development has always been placed on the responsibility of the school. During COVID-19 Pandemic Parental Involvement has become vital role in Education. This study will aim to determine Parental Involvement among secondary school tribal students during COVID- 19 Pandemic. This Study will be applied on quantitative approach. Method will be adopted for the study is descriptive Survey. The study comprised of 100 tribal students. The sample of the study will draw from secondary school tribal students of Wayanad District of Kerala state using random sampling. Data will be collected using Parental Involvement Questionnaire. The data will be analysed using independent sample ‘t’ test. 

Keywords: COVID-19, Parental Involvement, Wayanad

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