Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Challenges and Perspectives in the Digital Era | P 113-127

Antony Fernandes                                                                                                                Prerna Sharma
College of Military Engineering, Maharasthra                                                              Naturopathy Research Centre, Pune
Anoop Mishra                                                                                                                        Antioch Eusebius
Department of Military Affairs, Delhi.                                                                             St Joseph’s University, Bangaluru

Pages: 1113 – 127

The aim of the study is to analyse challenges and perspectives in the digital era among child and adolescent. This descriptive, correlational, cross sectional research design would be conducted on a sample of 600 children from urban and 600 from rural side. Questionnaires consists of perception (emotional, cognitive, and behaviour) of students, teachers, and parents in the digital era, and demographic details were used to collect data. COVID-19 has established digital inclusion that compelled online classes, video conferences, virtual learning, working, and new education policy etc… bedsides it made children to suffer from anxiety, depression, or other forms of psychological symptomatology. Therefore, psychology must expand its focus beyond employment of teachers, training programs, digital classes, development of education. Simultaneously, it induces a protective measure on mental health like, preventive psychological games, online activities, innovative workshops, relevant strategies and practical skills in handling children in digital era. To understand the perception of techniques in teaching, learning, social culture, and cognitive building. To provide modules / training program at individual and class level; module to scale down perceived stress and improve the quality of learning. To improve the quality of life of children, and adolescents. 

Keywords: measures, symptomatology, techniques, modules.

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